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Here at TDH Contracting, we specialize in Siding Services such as Siding Repair, Siding Replacement, Siding Maintenance, and Siding Installation. As a contractor, we work with a range of Siding Materials such as Vinyl, Wood, Fiber Cement, Aluminum, and Stone Siding.

Our team of Siding Engineers has worked with siding for over 25 years, delivering results for our customers across the USA. They remain up-to-date on all the latest siding techniques to ensure that we are providing an accurate, modern service for our customers. Damaged or Aged siding can put your property at risk of severe damage, which can cost you thousands of dollars to repair. However, keeping on top of your siding means your property is protected along with your finances.

We use the highest quality materials to ensure that we provide the best results. From advice to a Free Damage Assessment, speak to our team to learn more about what we provide.

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When it comes to working on your property, deciding on a contractor can be worrying. Especially if you haven’t worked with a Siding Contractor before. Here at TDH Contracting, we understand that working on your property is a big deal. We have worked to make our Siding Services simple so that you don’t need to worry about complications. From damage repair to siding maintenance, our team of engineers has the experience needed to provide a simple but quality service.

As a Family-Run Contractor, we have worked to become the Number 1 Name in Waterloo & Cape Coral for Roofing & Siding. This has been achieved through our quality of service along with our happy customers. Through each of our Siding Services, we work directly with our customers to ensure that the services we provide are both efficient and accurate.

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As a Siding Contractor, we provide Siding Services to properties across Nebraska & Florida. With offices based in Waterloo & Cape Coral, our local siding engineers cover the USA with their expert advice and services. With both Residential & Commercial Siding Experience, we have worked with a range of properties including Small Homes & Large Apartment Blocks. Our team has acquired over 25 years of experience in Siding and the range of services involved. If you are looking to work with an experienced expert contractor then we can help.

Our team will invest the time to understand both you and your property requirements. Each customer is in a different position with some customers knowing what they need and others not. Through our assessment process, our engineers will provide honest, real advice to ensure that your property remains protected. We work with Residential and Commercial Clients daily meaning that we have the experience to know simply what works and what doesn’t.

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We contracted TDH to mud/tape and texture our basement ceiling. We felt we received a very fair price and the crews that came to work on it were very respectful and worked hard and quickly. We are very satisfied with the way it turned out and were pleasantly surprised that not only did they remove all the plastic draping and sweep up the floors, they returned all the furniture and gym equipment to its original position, vacuumed the rug and stairs, and mopped the gym floor! Unexpected and truly appreciated!! Thanks for a great job guys!
Sarina McNeel

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Frequently Asked Questions About Siding

As a Siding Contractor, we speak to and work with customers across the USA Daily. As a result, we hear several questions on a frequent basis. To help you with Siding and what our Siding Service includes, we have provided answers to all of the faqs. If you have questions that haven’t been answered below, you can speak to our team at any time who are more than happy to help.

Siding is any material that is installed on the outside of a property. It protects the property by keeping the elements out, acting as a physical barrier between the external walls of a property and any external elements. Siding creates a water-tight barrier on all of the outside walls around a property to prevent rain, snow, and harsh winds from entering. Siding also prevents dirt, moisture, and insects. The most common types of material used within Siding installations include Wood, Vinyl, and Fiber Cement. However, there are other types of Siding.

Siding is made from a variety of materials, depending on your budget and other factors. Some types of Siding Materials are much more affordable but have a limited lifespan and durability. However, other types of Siding have a much longer lifespan at a higher cost. Different types of Siding include;

  • Vinyl Siding
  • Wood Siding
  • Brick Siding
  • Fiber Cement Siding
  • Metal Siding

Each type of Siding Material has both benefits and drawbacks. For example, Vinyl Siding isn’t as strong as Brick or Metal and is only water resident, not completely waterproof. However, it’s the most economical option and extremely easy to clean with a pressure washer or hose. Brick Siding has a lifespan of over 100 years with not much maintenance required however it’s one of the most expensive siding options for a property.

Speak to our team to discuss our Siding Options and the materials available.

Siding provides a range of benefits to a property, with the main benefit being the protection value it adds to your property. However, Siding does provide a range of other benefits too. Those benefits include;

– Improve The Look Of Your Property
– Adds Curb Appeal
– More Insulation For Your Property
– Protection From Weather Damage

Roofing Contractors such as TDH Contracting can provide you with the benefits of each Siding type and which Siding type will benefit your property. You can speak to our team today to find out more.

The price of new Siding depends on several factors. The main factors are the material type and the size of the property. For example, a small residential property with Vinyl Siding will cost much less than a large commercial building with Brick Siding. On average, Siding costs around $12 per square foot. However, this is highly dependent on the material used and can go as high as $50+ per square foot.

You can speak to TDH Contracting to find out more about the pricing for Siding and how much you could need for your property.

Like with the price of Siding, the lifespan depends on the material chosen. For example, Vinyl Siding has an average lifespan of around 20-40 years. This does depend on the maintenance that you carry out on your siding as more maintained installations will last longer. Some materials last longer than Vinyl Siding such as Brick Siding. Brick has an average lifespan of around 100 Years. This is over double the duration of Vinyl Siding but it comes at much more of a cost.

Each Siding Material has a different lifespan. You can speak to a contractor to find out more.

The requirements for maintaining Siding vary depending on your material. As a property owner, you are not forced to maintain your Siding and it is a complete choice. However, you should maintain your Siding on a regular basis to ensure that your property remains protected. By maintaining your siding, you can prolong the lifespan of your material. This means that you will save money and your property will remain protected for longer.

To maintain your Siding, we recommend the following;

– 6 Month/Yearly Inspections
– Clean Annually
– Visually Inspect Regularly
– Fix Problems Early
– Keep Damaging Elements Away

Local Contractors may offer maintenance packages to ensure that your Siding remains in good condition.

When installing Siding on a property, we always recommend that you work with a professional. By working with a professional, you have the guarantee of a quality, safe installation. The installation will often come with a warranty too, meaning that you can have any issues or problems fixed at no extra cost. When installing Siding on your own, you won’t have the access needed to expertise and quality materials.

Working with a contractor isn’t as expensive as you think. Speak to a contractor today to find out more about the cost.

Most of the available Siding materials act as a form of insulation around your property. They block the transfer of heat from either side meaning that your property remains warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It can also keep your property comfortable, as you can control the internal climate without the loss of heat or cold.

Some materials offer more of a barrier than others, with thicker materials having more of a difference. This can be discussed when you speak to a contractor. Each material type will have an energy rating too, which will differ depending on the type and quality.

Overall, yes. Siding should improve the Energy Efficiency of your home.

In Waterloo, Nebraska, we provide a range of Siding Services to suit the needs and requirements of both Residential & Commercial Properties. From Siding Repair to Siding Replacement, our team of Waterloo Based Engineers can visit your property to provide their 25+ years of experience. Whether your siding has small damages or is in need of a replacement, we can help.

Speak to our team today to find out more about our range of Local Siding Services in Waterloo, Nebraska.

In Cape Coral, Florida, we provide a variety of Siding Services for Residential & Commercial Properties. Our Siding Services include Siding Repair, Siding Replacement, and Siding Installation. Our team of Cape Coral Based Engineers is available to visit your property and provide expert advice on what you need. Whether you have small damages or are in need of desperate help, we can help.

Speak to our team today to find out more about our range of Local Siding Services in Cape Coral, Florida.

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