About TDH Contracting

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About TDH Contracting

From the opening of our doors in 2004 until today, we have worked to provide our range of services to hundreds of homes and properties across the state.

Our story begins like many others, with a dream and few dollars.  In 2004 Travis Harlow set out to be the premier builder of custom homes in eastern Nebraska.  Travis was successful in his venture but quickly realized that the true calling for TDH Contracting was exterior finishing.  To that end, TDH changed courses and rapidly became the number one name in roofing and siding for Valley and Waterloo, Nebraska.  By 2010, TDH was specializing in roofing, siding, and drywall and the company was able to expand.  Travis hired a sales team, a sales manager, and an office manager.

About TDH Contracting

Our new team set their sights on the daunting task of becoming the best storm damage restoration contractor in the state of Nebraska.  Since that decision was made, TDH has had the pleasure of helping thousands of residents in eastern Nebraska.  We have continued to expand our team to include a quality control specialist and a production manager.  Our team is committed to helping homeowners from start to finish, being the outstretched hand to lift them up when the weather damages their property.  This means many different things: meeting an insurance adjuster and helping them identify all damages to a homeowner’s property, tarping a broken skylight at 2 am, installing new roofing and gutters, and walking them through the claims process step by step. 


It is our mission to help every customer in the most timely, efficient, and respectful manner possible.  TDH wants to put homes back in the condition they were prior to a storm, in the least stressful way possible.  We are homeowners too and know the importance of good work and great service.

TDH contracting

Looking to repair damage to your Residential or Commercial Property? TDH Contracting can help you to get your property back on track today with our extensive range of services.

The Team At TDH Contracting

Look at the team here at TDH Contracting and who provides the results that we continue to deliver to every one of our clients.

Travis Harlow - TDH Contracting

Travis Harlow & Family

The TDH Team

TDH contracting

Kyle Johnson

Project Manager

Phone: (402) 305-4257

Raydean Chadwell

Office Manager

Phone: (402) 305-4257

TJ Korpela - TDH Contracting

TJ Korpela

Quality Control Specialist

Ryan Hawley

Sales Representative

Jacob Hood

Sales Representative

TDH contracting

Jim Bosch

Sales Representative

Kevin Bosch - TDH Contracting

Kevin Bosch

Sales Representative

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