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Roof Financing Omaha

Roof Financing Omaha

As a property owner in Omaha, you know that keeping on top of your roofing and maintenance is important. If you neglect your roofing and it becomes damaged, it can often result in further damage to your property, costing you more money. However, repairing or replacing your roof and keeping on top of it can be quite expensive and require funds that aren’t within your budget. Roof Damage often occurs without warning, meaning that you don’t get time to save up the funds. This leaves many homeowners worried about how they are going to fund their roofing repairs.

Through Roof Financing Omaha, we provide competitive finance options to remove the worry. Through our lending partner, Hearth Financing, we can help you to split a large cost into low monthly payments. Whether you need roof repair or replacement, we can walk you through the entire process, from discussing monthly payments to your monthly interest. This allows you to repair or replace your roofing through TDH Contracting, without needing the purchase amount.

TDH Contracting is not a lender. All financing options through TDH Contracting are provided by Hearth Financing as a partner. All loans are subject to approval.

Roof Financing Omaha
Roof Financing Omaha
Roof Financing Omaha

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Are you looking for Roof Financing in Omaha? Has your roofing become damaged but you lack the funds needed to repair or replace it? Through Roof Financing Omaha, our team can help you to apply for finance to cover the cost of your roofing services. By financing your roofing, you can repay the purchase amount through monthly repayments. This means your home can be repaired and safe while you pay back monthly. Through our partner, Hearth Financing, you can loan the funds you need and then repay through affordable monthly payments.

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Roof Financing Omaha Information

TDH Contracting is not a lender. All financing options through TDH Contracting are provided by Hearth Financing as a partner. All loans are subject to approval.

All loans are subject to credit review and approval. For example, a $10,000 loan with an APR of 14.50% and a term of 36 months would have a monthly payment of $344.21.

When applying for finance through Roof Financing Omaha, you may hear words and phrases used within the agreement. These words describe parts of the agreement and finance.

  • Term: Term refers to the length of the financial agreement between lenders and borrowers. This term is usually fixed and ranges from 12, 24 and 36 months. It is usually expressed as months or years.
  • APR (annual percentage rate): APR refers to how much the lending company is charging you for the loan of the money. This rate may or may not include fees. It doesn’t include the compounding effect of interest as most interest compounds monthly. APR is a useful way of comparing interest rates and roof loans.
  • Principal: Principal represents the total amount of money borrowed at the time of the loan.
  • Interest: Interest is the cost of your loan including the Principal.
Roofing Finance Omaha

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Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Financing Omaha

Roof Financing Omaha provides you with the funds needed to repair or replace your roofing. This is done through our lender, Hearth Financing. We provide the funds for your roofing services. You then make monthly payments towards the purchase amount in order to repay back the money borrowed for your roofing. This is often with a small amount of monthly interest for the borrowing.

Anybody can apply for roof finance, even with bad credit. The application with our lending partner looks at you, your income and your available funds to work out a payment plan that suits you. They will also look at the shortest term available while keeping the monthly payments affordable.

Roofing Finance doesn’t cost you directly. When you apply for finance with us and you are approved, the money is then transferred to us to get started on your roofing. You then make monthly repayments towards the total borrowed. While this does include monthly interest, you don’t have to directly pay anything for borrowing the money or applying.