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How Often Should Roofing Be Replaced?

Replace Your Roofing & Protect Your Property

How Often Should Roofing Be Replaced

Roofing is a vital part of any property. Whether you own a Small Residential Property or a Large Office Block, your Roofing deflects rain and other weather elements away from your property and towards your drainage solution. If your roofing becomes damaged or weakened, it becomes less efficient. This can cause problems and damage to the rest of your property as a result.

A common question asked by property owners is How Often Should Roofing Be Replaced? Knowing when you should replace your roofing and the right time to start saving the required funds is important for most property owners. In this blog post, we have covered roofing and which signs show that your roofing needs replacement.

If you have any questions about Roofing or when you should replace your Roofing, you can speak to our team. We are available to provide more information along with providing advice on your property.

How Often Should Roofing Be Replaced?

Roofing should be replaced when the existing installation has become weakened and beyond its life expectancy. Now, this may seem like a difficult response if you don’t know how old your existing installation is or if you don’t know what the condition of your roofing installation is like. With Roofing, the answer is highly dependent on various factors such as Roofing Material, Structure, and much more.

Every Roofing Installation has a life expectancy. A brand new Asphalt Roofing Installation has a Life Expectancy of around 15-25 years. This means that your installation has an expected lifespan of between 15 to 25 years. Now, this doesn’t mean that your roofing is guaranteed to last 25 years. The roofing guarantee is completely separate and is usually around 10 years, however, your roofing can last a lot longer, hence the increased life expectancy. But how does the life expectancy determine the replacement frequency?

Well, if your Roofing is near the end of its life expectancy, it can mean that your roofing is due for replacement. However, the life expectancy may be prolonged due to partial replacements or repairs previously. If you maintain your roofing correctly, repair small damages before they become severe. Your roofing may be near the end of its life expectancy but it could still be in great condition and have many more years.

How Can You Determine The Condition Of Your Roofing?

Determining the condition of your Roofing may seem like a challenge, especially if you have no previous experience. However, checking your roofing can provide information as to the timeframe for replacement and what you may require in the future. To determine the condition of your roofing, you have multiple options to check the condition of both the External Material and Internal Structure.

To determine the condition of your Roofing, you can do the following;

Depending on your property type and size, the above options may vary. The best way to check your roofing and your overall roofing condition are through a professional inspection. You can book in for an inspection with your Local Roofing Contractor who will be able to visit your property and look at your existing installation. This can often cost you as a property owner, with costs starting at $100+.

Here at TDH Contracting, we provide this inspection as a Damage Assessment for FREE. We will visit your property to assess your roofing and provide a report on the condition. This will shape a timeframe and required service for you as a property owner.

Replacing Your Roofing At The Right Time

When it comes to replacing your Roofing, it needs to be replaced at the right time. If your Roofing has a lifespan left and it is in good condition then it might not need replacing. The right time to replace your roofing is when it has become aged and brittle, but before damage occurs, meaning that your property is left unsafe and at risk of further damage. If your roofing is developing holes and cracks regularly, then this is a good, clear indicator that you need to replace your roofing quite urgently.

Through a Free Damage Assessment or Professional Inspection, a Roofing Contractor can assess the condition of the roofing, providing a condition report for you as a property owner. This will provide additional information to you, as to when you should consider replacing your Roofing and the available options.

If you are looking to have your roofing inspected or work with a Roofing Contractor to replace your roofing, you can speak to a member of our team here at TDH Contracting. We work with Residential and Commercial Property Owners across the USA, from Waterloo to Florida and more. Speak to our team to find out how we can help.


If you own a property with Roofing and you don’t know the age of your installation or how long you have left in the lifespan of your Roofing, then booking in with a Roofing Contractor may be beneficial.

If your property has had roofing installed recently, in the last couple of years then you might not require a replacement. Especially if you are within both your lifespan and guarantee from the installation date. This can be checked through a Damage Assessment from a Roofing Contractor such as TDH Contracting.

If you are looking to work with a Roofing Contractor in Waterloo or the surrounding area, we can help. With over 25 years of experience, we have worked with both Residential and Commercial Property Owners on their Roofing along with other services.

Replacing your roofing should be done as and when it is due to be replaced. With the various factors that make a roofing installation such as Material, Age & Installation Quality, there is no set timeframe for every type of roofing. It is highly dependent on the condition of your roofing and the age of your installation.

The best way to determine when you should replace your roofing is to have a Damage Assessment or a Condition Inspection carried out on your roofing. This will form a condition report, which as a result will provide information to you as the property owner about your roofing.

Roofing Replacement costs vary depending on what is required for your property specifically. The material on your roofing may need replacing, but the internal structure of your roofing could be in good condition. This would mean that you need to replace the material, not the structure. Also vice versa, the structure might need replacing but the material might not.

When working with a Roofing Contractor, they will assess your roofing and work out the condition of your roofing as a whole. This will then form the service you require for your property. As for the cost of Roofing Replacement, that again depends on the service. Here at TDH Contracting, we work to provide the most Affordable Services possible, providing Affordable Roofing for Residential and Commercial Properties.

Roofing depends on the material and age, not property. Therefore, the same process applies to both Residential and Commercial Properties. Roofing Contractors such as TDH Contracting work with both Residential and Commercial Properties, providing a range of Roofing Services. We also provide Damage Assessments, working with property owners and assessing the condition.