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Do Roofers Work On Weekends?

Do Roofers Work On Weekends?

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As roofing experts with over 10 years of experience, a common question we are asked is Do Roofers Work On Weekends? Homeowners often worry that roofers don’t work on weekends therefore any urgent or emergency jobs won’t get completed. This is not the case. In this article, we have covered the answer to Do Roofers Work On Weekends and provided all of the information you need to know!

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Do Roofers Work On Weekends?

It depends on the contractor you choose. Some contractors work weekends or at least Monday to Saturday. Some contractors may work all weekend. However, some contractors may work Monday to Friday, only 5 days per week.

It also depends on the service you require. If you have a routine maintenance visit booked, your contractor may not attend on the weekend. This is due to the service not being urgent. However, if you urgently need a contractor due to roofing damage, you can often book one on a weekend.

To confirm if your roofers work on weekends, we could recommend speaking to them before starting your project. If they do work weekends, they are often understanding of your need to stay home during the project.

Please note, you may be charged overtime range for workers at your home on a weekend. Whether it be a roof replacement or installation, contractors often require overtime rate in order to complete your project on a weekend.

Do Roofers Work On Saturdays?

It is common for roofers to work on Saturdays. With a lot of roofers operating Monday to Saturday during peak season, they often do work on Saturdays. Again, this is dependent of your roofing contractor and who you choose. Some workers don’t like to operate on a Saturday due to the working week. If they are partly through an installation or roof replacement, they may choose to complete it.

The best way to find out of your roofer work on Saturdays is to ask your contractor. You may also want to as about if you can stay home during your roof works on a weekend. As you may find that you need to be in your home while your contractor does too!

Overall, contractors do often work on Saturdays, however, it isn’t guaranteed.

Do Roofers Work On Sundays?

Roofers working on Saturdays are much more common than on Sundays. Again, this is dependent on the contractor and who you are working with. If your contractor is partway through an installation or roof replacement, they may decide to use a Sunday to get your home completed. This may be classed as overtime though, with workers requiring more pay and your project costing more money.

Roofers are often against working Sundays though. However, a lot of roofing providers understand that homeowners may be working during the week. Therefore allowing flexible working hours which does include a weekend.

Here at TDH Contracting, it is common for us to work on Saturdays and Sundays in order to complete a project. Whether it be a repair or roof replacement, we often use more hours to get your home back on track. This might not be the same for everyone though, especially if employees are contracted to weekly hours only.

Do Roofers Work On Bank Holidays?

Bank Holidays are often treated much like a Sunday in the roofing industry. If you need to contact a roofing team urgently on a Bank Holiday then you often can through an emergency service. However, common services such as maintenance may be scheduled during the week. Again, this isn’t always the case though.

Contractors such as TDH Contracting are very understanding. They understand that most homeowners work during the week and therefore can only discuss services with a contractor on a weekend. If this is the case, then your services may be booked in on a weekend.

You can discuss Bank Holidays direct with your contractor for confirmation. However, Bank Holidays are often treated a lot like Sunday Hours in regard to operation.

What Days Do Roofers Work?

On average, roofing employees work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Some employees work on a Saturday and very few works on a Sunday. Saturday & Sunday Hours are often classed as Overtime with most contractors. Workers often require more money to work outside of their contracted hours, even to complete an installation or roof replacement.

Some companies offer a Weekend Service to accommodate homeowners. They understand that your home may be empty during the week due to work. In this case, workers may visit your home to complete your project during weekend hours. Again, this will need to be confirmed with your contractor to ensure that this is the case.

What Days Do Roofers Work?

Weekend Roofing Services often come with a variety of advantages and disadvantages. These can be benefits and drawbacks for homeowners, especially if you are looking to get your home and project completed. Below, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of weekend roofing.


Do Roofers Work On Weekends? The answer is, it depends. You should check with your local roofing specialist to see if they operate on weekends and if they can accommodate your needs. You can also speak to the team at TDH Contracting to discuss your requirements to see how we can help.

Depending on the contractor, you may have to pay more for Roofing on Weekends. Some contractors offer flexible services at the same price, however, on average you can expect to pay more for Weekend Roofing Services.

Absolutely. With a contractor that provides Roofing Services on a Weekend, you can book any roofing services on offer on both a Saturday and Sunday. Again, this does depend on the contractor and we recommend having a conversation with your local contractor to find out more.

Potentially. Some contractors do operate 7 days per week, however, if a contractor works on a weekend then they may require days off during the week. You can schedule work on a weekend, however, you should discuss the working hours with your company.

Usually. the only roofing services available on a weekend are emergency services. These include Repair Services for urgent damage caused by bad weather, storms etc. You can access a 24/7 contractor to work on your property should the worst happen.

Most contractors will provide services on a weekend. We recommend contacting your local roofing contractor to discuss weekend services and the hours they operate. Also, check to see if they charge Overtime for their workers.