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Our Commercial Drywall Service

Through Commercial Roofing, Commercial Siding, and Commercial Guttering, we cover the exterior of your property. However, your interior is just as important, creating the layout and feel of your property, regardless of its use. Through our Commercial Drywall Service, we work with you as a Commercial Property Owner to create walls and separations within your property. This enables you to create rooms with absolute ease and shape the interior layout of your property. Drywalling is a great way of managing the interior of your commercial property. This is due to the materials being cheaper than typical bricks and them being easy to erect.

Drywall is made out of different materials compared to traditional exterior walls. The materials used normally include Plasterboard, Plyboard, Timer, and more. Compared to the price of bricks to erect a similar wall, you can save hundreds of dollars. Another benefit of Drywall is that repairing or replacing it due to damage is just as cost-efficient. With sections being formed in the material when installed, we can look at replacing those sections, should the wall become damaged.

If you want to find out more about Commercial Drywall and how it can be used within your Commercial Property, speak to our team! Our team at TDH Contracting is available to provide information and help you with your drywalling.

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How Can Our Commercial Drywall Service Help?

Our Commercial Drywall Service includes Commercial Drywall Repair, Commercial Drywall Replacement, and Commercial Drywall Installation. We offer these services to all forms of Commercial properties, with Residential Drywall being available to Residential Properties. Through our Commercial Drywall Service, we can create your ideal layout within your property and help you to make your commercial property work for your business.

Below, you can find out more about Commercial Drywall and the services that we offer within. We cover Waterloo, NE, and the surrounding area with our range of services.

Commercial Drywall Repair

Drywall is made up of several materials such as Plasterboard, Plyboard, and Timber. These materials are more cost-efficient compared to traditional brick. However, they become damaged easier, meaning that screwing into your drywall may result in small holes being left and cracks forming. To repair damaged Drywall, you may require a Commercial Drywall Repair contractor to visit your property. The contractor will assess the damage to your drywall, along with the structure to provide you with several options for repair. Often a small repair is satisfactory.

Several types of damage can occur to drywalling. While drilling holes and hanging things against your drywall can cause holes and cracks to form, other damage can also occur. General wear and tear can cause the drywall to become damaged and as a result, it may need repairing by an engineer. Also, Moisture can form within the drywall, creating dampness which in turn, will weaken your drywall. This can cause rotting and mold buildup, which can cause further issues for you and your property.

Here at TDH Contracting, we provide Commercial Drywall Repair to Commercial Properties in Waterloo, NE, and the surrounding area. If you would like to find out more about the service or get started with a repair, speak to our team.

Commercial Drywall Replacement

Your drywall can quickly become damaged, especially if you are hanging pictures and items against the wall or if you put shelves up etc. When you use your drywalling for various tasks, it can form small holes and cracks, meaning that the integrity of the walling is weakened. This can often be repaired with ease through a site visit by one of our engineers. Small repairs are often patched up along with an assessment of the whole wall to ensure that your commercial property can operate normally. However, if the damages are considered large, your options may become limited for repair.

Several types of damage can occur to drywalling. From Wear and Tear damage to Moisture and Dampness. If seen and sorted early, your drywall may go through a patch to repair process. However, if not identified, the damages can quickly become large, meaning that the damage has gone further than intended. Dampness for example can damage the structure within the wall, along with the framework. This may mean that your only option is to completely replace the drywall, to remove both the issue and the damages left behind. This is something that we will assess and discuss with you when we visit your property.

If you would like to find out more about Commercial Drywall Replacement and how we can help your commercial property, speak to our team. We provide services in the Waterloo, NE area and surrounding areas.

Commercial Drywall Installation

When you purchase or rent a Commercial Property, it often comes open plan and ready for you to work on. This is more the case with warehousing and larger commercial property. As a result, your property may come without any form of walling or room structure and if you intend to create rooms and separations within the property, this is a problem. Likewise, you may move into a property that has walls, however, you may intend to remove those walls and create your layout. All of which we have had experience in as a contractor, working on commercial property for several years.

As a result, you will require a Commercial Drywall Installation service. This service creates drywall within your property to create rooms and separations. We can build you a layout plan of your property and create as many drywall solutions as you would like. We use materials from local, quality suppliers and our team of engineers has over 25 years of experience in Commercial & Residential Drywall. If you are looking to work with a contractor that has the experience and a proven track record, we can help.

Speak to our team at TDH Contracting to find out more about Commercial Drywall Installation. Our team is available to take you through our options and get your property on track!

Our Customer Reviews

By providing services for Residential and Commercial Customers, we have generated hundreds of positive reviews on our Social Platforms and Google My Business Listing. We have done this by working closely with our customers, delivering the best possible results, and meeting their needs.

Below, you can find a range of reviews from some of our previous customers. If you have any questions about our reviews or our previous work, speak to our team of staff and engineers.

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Over 25 Years Of Commercial Drywall Experience

Here at TDH Contracting, we have worked with hundreds of customers, providing Residential and Commercial Services. These services include Commercial Drywall, helping property owners to develop and improve the interior of their property. Whether it be an office block, studio, or warehouse, we can provide Drywall services to build your ideal layout for your commercial property. Throughout our 25 years of experience, we have worked to perfect our services and our relationships with suppliers to ensure that we can deliver the best possible results for our customers.

If you own a commercial property in Waterloo, NE, or the surrounding area and you want to work with a contractor, TDH Contracting can help. Our team and staff have worked in and on our business for over 25 years, developing their skills and our services to deliver results for our customers. Each member of our team, including Travis Harlow, has worked directly with our customers. We work with you to understand your requirements. As a Family-Run Business, it’s about delivering the results you want and need.

Speak to our team today and discuss our services and what we can do to help you as a commercial property owner.

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