Our attention to roofing details and the quality of the products we use is your assurance of a high performing roof for years to come. Our well trained, professional crews take pride in the quality of the craftsmanship they put in every project. We offer unbeatable service and top of the line products at competitive prices.

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Design & Renovation

Why Choose Us

Whether your roof is just getting old, you are having leaks, it was damaged from a storm, or is new construction, we can help you decide what your roofing needs are, what you want and how to get that accomplished. If you  have storm damage, it can sometimes be very confusing working with insurance companies to make sure you get what you deserve when making a claim. This  is where our professionals can step in and walk you through the whole process to make sure you you are treated fairly based on your particular insurance policy.

Our Products

While we feature Atlas Roof Shingles as our preferred roofing products, when requested, we will also use products from other manufacturers such as TAMKO, CRC Roofing, CertainTeed, IKO and others.

Iko roofsCertaineed Roofing

TamkoRoofing ProductsCRC Roofing Excellence

Atlas Roofing Products

Your home is also your biggest investment, and one of the reasons you work so hard. It’s an asset you want to protect and preserve. Your home’s roof protects you from more than just the elements. It protects your entire investment, your plans and your dreams. Choose Atlas.

Atlas StormMaster® Shake Shingles

Atlas Stormmaster Shake Shingles

Shingles That Provide A Secure Sanctuary Without Compromise - Now Featuring Scotchgard™ Protector!

StormMaster® Shake shingles now come standard with the power of Scotchgard™ protector to defend against algae streaks and help retain original color.

StormMaster® Shake combines strength and beauty in a high-wind, impact-resistant designer shingle for protection against the most extreme weather conditions. For years to come, StormMaster® Shake will resist cracking, splitting, warping or shrinking in both hot or cold weather climates. Along with standing up to the harshest climates, this algae resistant shingle will also protect your home from ugly algae stains and streaks to increase value and add curb appeal within your neighborhood.


Atlas Pinnacle Pristine

High Performance Beauty meets protection with the help of the Atlas 130 mph Wind Limited Warranty*.
Curb Appeal  - Maintain your home’s appearance with a roof that looks beautiful for years by resisting the black streaks caused by algae.
Elegance -  Discover the designer look that comes standard with architectural styling and 15 stunning colors

Castlebrook 35

DesignedTo Protect.

Castlebrook® 35 designer architectural
shingles complement your home’s exterior décor
with exceptional protection and peace of mind

CRC Architectural Shingles

CRC Shingles

The Biltmore AR shingle is the shingle of choice for homeowners who demand the best in terms of quality, durability and value. Combining an extraordinary shake-like design with superior protection makes it a time tested favorite.

Eye-catching as a shake roof, they elevate your home’s curb appeal. Biltmore AR combines beauty with contemporary strength. Manufactured in a larger size to offer more exposure and create a high definition “shake” look for your roof. These popular shingles are versatile and easy to maintain and come in a myriad of colors that can suit any home.

Tamko Building Products

Tamko roofs

TAMKO® produces roofing products that protect people and their possessions from the elements. And we don’t take this responsibility lightly.

Today, TAMKO’s roofing product line includes asphalt and metal shingles, as well as modified bitumen roll roofing products, designed to shed water and protect the interior of a structure.The options range from Class A fire-resistant Heritage® shingles to ENERGY STAR® qualified MetalWorks® shingles that may help reduce cooling costs. We make a significant investment in technology to assure that all TAMKO products deliver the quality and performance as promised.

At the completion of all projects,  TDH professional will remove all roofing debris, clean out the spouting system and do a thorough cleaning of the home perimeter including lawn, landscaped areas, driveway and parking areas, including the use of a magnet to pick up nails or other metals. When TDH completes a project, the site is left as clean or in many cases, cleaner than before the project began.

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